"наш координатор свадеб разрешит любую проблему,

ваше спокойствие - наша забота!"

Мы гарантируем незабываемые впечатления в организации ваших мероприятий и свадеб в Тоскане!

Мы гарантируем незабываемые впечатления в организации ваших мероприятий и свадеб в Тоскане!

RISO & SORRISO Wedding and Events распологается в самом центре Тосканы, в городе Прато. Однако с удовольствием рассматриваем запросы на проведение свадеб или других торжеств на территории Тосканы, поступившие из других городов (Флоренция, Пиза, Пистойя, Лука и др.), а также с зарубежных стран.

Организатор свадеб Мартина, опираясь на команду специалистов, имеющих опыт работы и обладающих профессиональными качествами, избавит Вас от стресса, связанного с организацией торжества, а также позаботится об удовлетворении всех ваших потребностей, чтобы этот значимый день стал  самым запоминающимся и безупречным событием для Вас и Ваших гостей.


Организация торжеств с нашим агентством станет приятным и необременительным совместным трудом. Опираясь на ваши идеи и пожелания, который будет продуман до самых мелочей и будет отличаться своей оригинальностью и неповторимостью.

Мы позаботимся об экономии вашего бюджета, подскажем, как уменьшить расходы. Многие думают, что организовав свадьбу самостоятельно, смогут сэкономить, но это, к сожалению, не всегда так. Тарифы нашего агентства приемлемы и достаточно гибки.


Обратившись в наше агентство RISO & SORRISO Wedding and Events, вы доверяетесь оптимистичному, задорному, открытому и в тоже время терпеливому организатору, который неустанно будет следить за ходом выполнения всех работ по организации вашего торжества.

Друзья, влюбленные, будущие супруги, состоящие в браке,те кто все еще ищет свою половинку, бизнесмены, люди всех национальностей: остановив свой выбор на RISO & SORRISO Wedding and Events – вы не ошибетесь. Мы добавим уникальные, яркие и незабываемые моменты, таким образом, праздник навсегда отложится в сердцах всех присутствующих.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • What is, and why do I need to hire a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner is a hired professional who have experience in the wedding planning field, so can really support, give opinions and advices to the couple during the whole path. A Wedding Planner is well organized, detail-oriented to style and personalize an event. She also will help with the to-do list in the scheduled timeline and make sure that you remain within your budget.


  • What does a Day-Of Coordinator do, on the wedding day?

A Coordinator is a hired professional who meets the couple 1-2 months ahead the wedding date, to discuss on how they want everything to be set up. It is necessary at least one meeting with the other suppliers she will be in close contact with on the wedding day (particularly caterer, photographer, musicians); she will handle any unexpected event in order that everything will proceed smoothly, leaving the couple only the pleasure to enjoy their wedding day.


  • I already have a Venue Coordinator/Caterer Coordinator. Why do I still need a Wedding Planner?

A Venue Coordinator or a Caterer Coordinator will not do what your Wedding Planner will do for you. On the wedding day they will focus on the management and setting up of the services as per contractual agreement, taking charge of the location setting up (tables, chairs, place seats), that the food is out on time.

Besides that, their service often starts once the meal is served. This might be an important consideration if you are looking for support to set up your decor prior and manage your vendor team, all in a scheduled timing.

Your Wedding Planner, on the other hand, is involved from the very beginning of the planning process, so she will handle each detail ad your desire from the event start to finish.


  • My family or a friend offered to plan my wedding. Why should I pay a Wedding Planner?

It is recommended to avoid involving in the planning process someone that you would invite at your wedding. Friends and parents deserve to enjoy the celebration, they should not spend that day working; besides that they could be not able to answer your vendor questions.

Do hire a professional and let her take charge of your wedding planning, customized to meet your needs and desires.


  • Can I afford a Wedding Planner?

Usually, a Wedding Planner should be a part of your overall budget, in case of rather low budget it can be an extra expense. However it is an excellent investment which guarantees time saving and a stress-free process: considering that for a wedding it takes on average +250 hours for planning and researches, hiring a Wedding Planner so that you can benefit of serenity and peace of mind is the best gift you can give yourselves!!


  • What distinguishes RISO & SORRISO Wedding and Events from other Wedding Planners?

I offer "à la carte" services to each client of mine. That is to say that I do not offer packages, but all my services are customized around what each couple desires.

Each service, with fully transparency, corresponds with a consulting flat rate to be added to the price of the supplier that will fulfill that service, selected according to the couple' style, theme and budget. For Day-Of Coordination only, an hourly rate is set. 

The agreed price can change only if you desire to add further services, to those already confirmed.

I truly love my job, and will plan at perfection all that I will be asked.


  • Do you charge for initial consultation?

No, it is a welcome opportunity to get to know each other and share your enthusiasm and ideas for your wedding. It takes about one hour, where I deem very important to establish a mutual alchemy, which can allow to take a long road together.

I suggest to supply during initial consultation this information:

- estimated budget

- estimated number of guests

- desired date, month or season

- a general idea of your wedding style


  • How much communication will we have?

RISO & SORRISO Wedding and Events is at your complete disposal, there is no limit on e-mail or phone communications. You can write or call as much as you feel in need to, you will receive replies to messages within 24/48 hours.


  • How early should couples start to plan their wedding, and hire a Wedding Planner?

9-12 months ahead the wedding date is a good timing to start planning, even because many venues do not take reservations too much time ahead. Neither wait until the last minute risking to be overwelmed with anxiety, nor be planning for too long.

My suggestion is to contact me after the proposal, do request a free initial consultation writing to risoesorriso@gmail.com or calling at +39.3403930594 and, in case you deem RISO & SORRISO Wedding and Events to be the good fit for you please do take a second appointment to sign the contract to ensure the availability for your date.

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